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Sorry for being MIA lately. My life has been pretty crazy. I just graduated college and with trying to coordinate my life, this blog has been put on the back burner. Truthful, I don’t have any more confessions so if yall could be so nice as to submit some. 

and thank you for sticking by me in this lull, yall are all dolls 

Love y’all,

Lauren from CHC

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SO due to my life being crazy I haven’t had time to dedicate to this blog like I would like to. And knowing my life isn’t gonna calm down soon leads me to the decision to let to add some people to help run this blog. If you would like to help me, plz add your blog name to this post and I will contact you.

Movies are filled with strong, square jaws, but William Powell, with his tiny, weak jaw, is one of the most beautiful men of the studio age.


The day Judy Garland died, there was a tornado in Kansas.

I am terribly, terribly attracted to Brian Donlevy’s arched eyebrow.


Blog Update!!!

I added a new tab so all my internet friends can contact me!! So go check it out!!

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Also, I just wanted to mention. I just got a KIK which is a free messager for iphones and ipods/ipads. I just made an account to speak to my internet friends so plz hit me up at LaDeeDon

gentlemen-prefer-miss-marilyn-d asked:
1, 5, 7

1: favorite old hollywood actor I know its a typical answer for old hollywood fans but mine truely is Cary Grant. He just embodies what the golden era of hollywood was all about. 

5: most overrated old hollywood actor/actress - Definitely Marilyn Monroe. Now i say this but i need to explain. I think she is overrated in popular media. Now I love her acting and think she was a great beauty and a wonderful actress but i hate how people act like they love her and they have never seen any of her movies. Like my old roommate had posters of her and once I asked her what was her fav marilyn movie and her respond was “I’ve never seen any, i just like her as a person”…..

7: most handsome old hollywood actor Well i assume yall can guess this answer due to the first answered question. but I will give you my top 5. in order: Cary Grant, Gene Kelly, Rock Hudson, Montgomery Clift ,and Frank Sinatra

thejournalistsarahjane asked:
6,8, and 9 (:

6: most beautiful old hollywood actress - Oh no question, the answer is hands down Elizabeth Taylor. Her beauty could not and still cant be matched.

8: best old hollywood name - Okay well my favorite name from old hollywood would be “kay" short for katharine. I think it is really cute and am considering it for my future daughters name.

9: if you could bring someone back to life, who? this is a tough one. I have a long list. but number one i think would be lucille ball. i just love her humor so much. the world needs laughter now more than ever. 

old hollywood asks - send me numbers!
  • 1: favourite old hollywood actor
  • 2: favourite old hollywood actress
  • 3: favourite old film
  • 4: most underrated old hollywood actor/actress
  • 5: most overrated old hollywood actor/actress
  • 6: most beautiful old hollywood actress
  • 7: most handsome old hollywood actor
  • 8: best old hollywood name
  • 9: if you could bring someone back to life, who?
  • 10: how long you’ve liked old hollywood for
  • 11: favourite old hollywood genre

"On the subject of super attractive Hollywood stars, I must say that I have the biggest crush on Henry Fonda (Especially lookin all scruffy and attractive in the Ox Bow Incident!) ”


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